Part I - Instructions and Information

You should complete the form, providing all information requested, and obtain your Chair and/or Dean's approvals. For travel outside of the continental U.S. (OCONUS), or for travel by an individual with a direct report to the Provost, approval by the Office of the Provost will be required. OCONUS approvals may be obtained by emailing the form to after obtaining approvals from your Department Head / Dean. The final approver will then return an approved copy to you for your records.

Travel Alerts can be found on the following webpage: .

Travel Vouchers can be found in the "Travel" section of the following webpage:

All travel must be in compliance with WKU's Travel and Reimbursement Policy located at the following:

Part II - Travel Request

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Return Date: ( mm/dd/yyyy ) # of Trips Expected:
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Purpose of Trip: Purpose of Trips:
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When there are no errors, use the form at the bottom of the page to send this to the appropriate individual.

By submitting this form, I hereby request authorization for travel and certify:
  • I have made satisfactory arrangements for my responsibilities and duties during the period of my requested absence.
  • I will not drive on University business without a valid driver license.
  • I have read and understood WKU's Travel Policy and agree to abide by all procedures contained therein.

Part III - Approvals

Department Head Name: Date
Charge to Banner Index:
Maximum amt approved:
Dean's Name: Date
Maximum amt approved:
Provost (or Designee)
(OCONUS Travel Only):
Maximum amt approved:

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