Student mass email requests must comply with the following policies:

  • Must be of interest to the vast majority of the targeted email audience.
  • Cannot use to advertise specific courses, unless it is to a small population that might have interest.
  • Must have administrative approval.
  • Cannot be used to advertise events to the entire student body. Events can be posted to the Events Calendar at An Events Calendar reminder is emailed to students every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Emails cannot be sent with attachments.
  • Message must be plain text, no graphics.
  • Please allow 4 working days for approval and processing.

Student mass email requests may be submitted as indicated from the following categories:

  1. Academic Offices/Library. Academic Deans/Department heads may request mass emails that are "academically related and are targeted to specific students associated with their college/department", i.e., majors/minors.
  2. Core Administrative Offices. Mass student email requests will be approved on the merits of each request.
  3. Athletics/Special Events. Mass student email will be a standard "Events Reminder" that will be scheduled on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and will include a link to the "WKU Events Calendar" with color-categorized events. Event notifications should be forwarded to University Special Events at
  4. Athletics. Mass student email can contain information such as telling students that free bus transportation is provided to a game out-of-town containing instructions on how students can sign up, when, where, time..etc.
  5. WKU Police. Requests will be approved on the merits of each request.
  6. Student Organizations. Mass student email requests will be limited to those organizations whose purpose has an impact on the vast majority of the student body; i.e. Student Government.
  7. Research Faculty/Administrative. Sponsor must send email request for student. Research Compliance Coordinator approval must be obtained before email will be sent.

All email messages must be sent as either Word(.docx) or .txt attachment. This file must be in the exact format you want your email message to be displayed.

I confirm that I have read the above policy information and would like to enter a Student Mass Email Request.